Snowmobile rental

Snowmobile Rental in Rovaniemi, Finland

Are you looking for an exciting winter adventure in the beautiful arctic nature of Rovaniemi, Finland? We offer both single and double seated snowmobiles, allowing you to explore the winter landscape on your own without the need for a guide.

Our snowmobiles are equipped with all necessary equipment, including clothing and GPS with pre-loaded snowmobile routes.

Located in Rantapolku 6 Rovaniemi and , our location makes it easy to plan your trip. The snowmobile season typically runs from January to the end of April

The Rovaniemi area offers official, maintained snowmobile tracks in all directions, making it the perfect destination for a winter getaway. Whether you want to visit the Santa Claus village, explore the surrounding area of Rovaniemi, or simply enjoy a ride in the magical winter forest, we have you covered.

Our snowmobiles are new and suitable for both experienced and novice riders. We provide all necessary clothing, including overalls, boots, gloves, and helmets to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Our team is also available to assist with trip planning or to provide suggestions for unplanned routes. For families with children, we also offer the option of attaching covered sleds behind the snowmobile for added comfort and safety.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of the arctic on a snowmobile. Book your rental today and make lasting memories in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Please make your reservation in advance by contacting us by Airbnb message or Whatsapp +358407383046 / Petri.

Before your trip, you can expect a brief orientation lasting 30-60 minutes to cover important information on trip planning, safety, cloting, and operating the snowmobile. We have all neccessary snowmobile cloting: Boots, overalls, balaclavas, helmets and gloves.

You are free to enjoy your snowmobiling adventure from early morning until late in the evening. Our snowmobiles are equipped with powerful lights, and with well-marked trails and the convenience of GPS navigation, it is easy to stay on course, even at night. A typical snowmobiling excursion takes 3-6 hours, with a break at a restaurant. and a refueling stop on your return journey.

Rental price includes: 490€/ 1 day / 1 snowmobile

• 1 or 2 persons, snowmobile is 2 seats
• Route planning, driving and safety instructions
• GPS on the snowmobile with snowmobile routes
• Full driving clothing: overall/jacket/pants + helmets and goggles
• Full insurance for driver, passengers and 3rd party

• Price include fuel, except fuel refill during long trip.
• Payment by cash or credit cards

• Polaris 650 SWITCHBACK ASSAULT 146 2023


These are powerful snowmobiles and they require basic skills to control the them. We will instruct you how to drive. Especially on longer trip we recommend that you have previous driving experience. If you have driven ATV’s (4-wheel terrain), motorcycles, water jets etc. you have better skills already. If you need glasses when driving we recommend using contact lenses if possible.

• A drivers license is required (any country car/motorcycle license is valid in Finland)
• All snowmobiles have full insurance for driver, passenger and 3rd party injuries.
• The snowmobiles are equipped with tracking devices for your safety
• Northern Finland is 95% covered for mobile phones, the nearby area is 100% covered
• We reserve the right to limit speed and power if needed for your own safety.


• 500€ euros liability in case of snowmobile damages, charged on site if damages happen.
• Illegal driving or driving against our terms: 100% liability
• Max legal speed is 60 km/h
• You can only drive on official snowmobile tracks


Address: Located in Rantapolku 6 Rovaniemi. You can easily find us with navigations apps like Google Maps.



In the main season, january – end of april, we have groomer serviced snowmobile tracks toward all directions. The river goes directly to Rovaniemi. You can visit the Santa Claus village for example on roundtrip, ca. 70km and 3-4 hours. We will help with trip planning!


• Bring your own underwear and warm mid-layering, for example themal undewear and fleece jacket and pant.
• We have helmets, overalls, jackets, pants, gloves and boots
• Helmets are motocross type or visor type, face masks / clean balaclavas are included


• The driver must be over 21 years old and a driver licence is obligatory
• You can only drive on official snowmobile tracks. Driving outside the official is illegal.
• Max speed is 60km/h, with passenger 50km/h
• The renter can only drive the snowmobile
• The snowmobile can not be taken outside Rovaniemi area
• Laws apply to snowmobiling – the renter is responsible for understanding the laws
• Snowmobiles are illegal to operate under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
• We cannot guarentee the availability of the snowmobiles due to tecnical or weather issues, we do not pay or require any cancellation fees.


More information here: Snowmobile regulations, safety and etiquette